Brought up along the salty seaside of Bombay... Mumbai, k.c. LOY is a

Dreamer! Creator! Performer!

He loved being on the stage since he was 5 and was addicted to the spot-lights, attention and the applause of a Live audience!

Daydreaming through school, he woke up with a start, in college.

Here, he found his Voice and loved it. He continued dreaming but it hadn't yet dawned upon him that one day he'd become a "professional dreamer".

Influenced by the Folk music of India, SD&RD Burman, Gulzar, the Beatles, Cliff Richards, Freddie, Elvis, etc. he began with jamming with a couple of friends.

He penned a set of lyricist and they saw themselves recording their first set of originals at a friend's studio.

While some people started to take notice, one of them, in particular, asked him, "why don't you write & compose jingles?"

""Jingle?" He queried!

...And that's how the World of Advertising opened up for him.

His writing and composing skills were honed as he went from (Radio spots) to TV Commercials to title tracks for soaps/thrillers, finally landed up wearing the Music Director's hat for Sai Paranjpye's Children's Film Society of India film "Bhago Bhoot".

This was followed by a Bollywood film - I. Proud to be Indian & four Marathi Features -

Pak Pak Pakaak, Anolkhi Hey Ghar Mazhe, Aai No.1 and Jai Jai Maharashtra Mazha. The songs for the film "Pak Pak Pakaaak", earned him the Maharashtra State Music Award of 2006.

Being a story and scriptwriter himself, his thoughts are meaningful, purposeful and situational, as can be seen in his lyrics.

No wonder Shri of Shrilektric fame collaborated with K. C. Loy for the composition of the Hindi Trailer track MANZIL for the Hollywood blockbuster "Life Of Pi" for which Loy has penned the lyrics too!

The 'Keeda' to perform in front of live audiences never died. It cropped up every two to three years.

One summer night he decided, "This is it!" and began taking his music Live, slowly but surely!

This singer songwriter defines his songs as, Raw, Organic, Earthy ...Indian!

He believes, "Life is Beautiful" and you can distinctly hear it in his songs.

"The world’s a stage... and I’m performing!"

- K. C. Loy